The Reluctant Advertiser

I work with some companies that are opposed to advertising because they don’t feel it is appropriate for their business – for example, tutoring and physical therapy.   However, advertising at its most basic is any way of educating a potential customer about your product or service.  In the case of the Reluctant Advertiser, the company should focus on the educating aspect of advertising.

An easy way to attack this opportunity is to discover where your customers communicate to folks with similar needs and offer to host a free workshop on your services.  If you’re a SAT tutor, you can host a one-hour workshop on what students need to do to prepare for the day of the SAT at an existing student’s school.  If you’re an acupuncturist, you can discuss the benefits of acupuncture at the local yoga studio.  If you’re a physical therapist,  you can give an interactive lecture on knee pain at your local gym.

Advertising doesn’t have to look like an episode of Mad Men or a car ad.  Instead, identify an audience that would appreciate learning more about what you do and develop an effective and focused presentation with a specific take-away for the group.  And finally, keep metrics on where your customers come to you from to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts!

Any success stories on developing education efforts for the reluctant advertiser?


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