Go to Yale (or Oxford) for free

Funny and true blog.  Well written!  Check it out.“The problem is no longer budget nor access to tools.  The problem is the will to get good at it.”  Seth wrote this to serve as a kick in the rear to get going and get learning.  How many times have you wanted to outsource your website design or the monthly vendor newsletter ?  Now, Seth urges you to refuse to cede this work to consultants – you must get good at it yourself!

Personally, I always want to continue learning about business startups and the next thing on my list is accounting.  Which is a good time to bring up iTunes U.  Just download iTunes, click on iTunes Store and then choose iTune U.  You’ll immediately have access to a range of lectures from top tier universities like Yale, Cambridge and Duke.  After accounting I’m going to start the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming from MIT.

I’m wondering how it would be possible to find a study buddy to keep on pace with the class and the homework.  And even more importantly, having someone to talk about the course materials to further the learning and retention process.  Craigslist seems like a fairly imprecise instrument of finding someone suitable.  Any ideas?

What do you plan on learning how to do and where?

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2 comments on “Go to Yale (or Oxford) for free
  1. Kyden Creekpaum says:

    I am doing this now, and its great — thanks for the tip!

    • ericmorrow says:

      Gotta keep on learning! I've moved on to some Harvard financial accounting
      for MBA (ie: people who can't add. Just like lawyers!)

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