You don’t have to be perfect to get started

Going for a walk in the snow

A camera phones frequently take a better pictures than the best SLR.  A good photograph is more about capturing a unique moment than megapixels or shutter speed.  The best tool for the job may very well be the one that is at hand and that let’s you take quick advantage of an opportunity.

Perfection not required

Too much over thinking and looking for the “best” tool can mean you miss the opportunity.  Most businesses start because they have a solution to a problem experienced by their target customer.  As a startup, the entrepreneur sometime feels like the business needs to be perfect if it has any chance to succeed.  The perfect solution to a problem will generally not materialize.  But presenting a good solution to a pressing problem will be well received by your ideal customer.

Good today is better than perfect tomorrow

Perfection will always arrive late to the game.  This isn’t to say a business shouldn’t strive for perfection or set unattainable goals as a method to motivate its employees.  Instead, a business should not let the concept of perfection prevent it from functioning today.  Many startups worry about what competitors are doing, similar products already available on the market, “what if” scenarios that may never materialize, and most often, endless tweaking to try and get the perfect product.  Improvement is required for all products – the key is to make sure they are the right improvements required by the customer.  In order to figure out what those are, a startup needs to:

Get your idea moving today

1.  Define your offering. Your product or service isn’t perfect – don’t worry about that.  Instead, describe as clearly as possible what problem your target customer is experiencing and how their life will be better after they implement your solution.

2.  Test. Roll out the simplest iteration of your product as quickly as possible.  Avoid expensive prototyping or lengthy market testing.

3.  Gather feedback. Find out if your idea is as good as you think it is by gathering feedback from people that have used your product.

Turning out a good product or service today will get get your business moving in the right direction by beginning its interaction with clients.  Don’t let the specter of perfection prevent you from making that move.

What else does the quest for perfection prevent you from doing?

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