The power of Kyden’s network

Thank you to all of Kyden’s readers this week.  It was by far the most people who had ever visited my blog in one day (over 100 unique visitors!)  The comments on Facebook were great and its obvious you all thought what he had to say was compelling.


Kyden has an impressive network, in real life, and in his 1600 (and counting)  Facebook friends.  A network like that doesn’t grow overnight.  It takes work – thankfully for Kyden, it’s work he really enjoys.  Even when we were hiking in Patagonia, and I was relaxing with a beer and our other travel partner after ten bone-tiring hours on the trail, Kyden was enthusiastically making friends with some other travelers in the lodge.  And friending them on Facebook to swap photos and keep in touch.

Everyone who says to network is right

It doesn’t seem like talking to that one extra person at the end of a long day is going to make a big difference in anything that happens in your life.  But Kyden excels at remembering different people and making connections that only he can do.  So when I wanted to talk to someone who had experience in marketing, Kyden pointed the way.  And when he needed a place to crash after getting stranded in England, he turned to his network.  You never know when you’ll need your network, but when you really do, you’ll find it extremely useful.

Networking in business

Networking isn’t just about passing favors back and forth or keeping track of friends you’ve met in far-off locales.  I interviewed a successful web developer last week for my blog and his central piece of advice for starting your own business is to build a strong professional network that can cross-refer.  In essence,  the network sends people who need the services of any piece of the network to the right place.  A network is  synonymous with trust and trust is a powerful tool.

Useful networking

The best way to network is to build yours one person at a time and through a useful exchange.  Adding your entire school class to LinkedIn isn’t effective.  It’s far better to add a  colleague at another firm who you worked with or someone you met at a conference who has a similar take on your industry.  Genuinely wanting to keep in touch because you value that person is a better perspective than selfishly thinking that person might be useful to you somewhere down the road.

Thanks Kyden! It was great having you on my blog and sharing your thoughts and experiences.  I look forward to having you again.

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  1. Lakshmi says:

    I've heard a lot about using facebook fan pages to successfully market your service/product. Do you know of any specific facebook marketing success stories?

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