Don’t believe in speed reading?

The average American reads at about 200-300 words-per-minute (wpm).  That’s about half a page per minute.  With just a little training (30 minutes), you can boost that to over 400 wpm, putting you in the top 1% of all readers in the United States.

Sound like snake oil?  Even luminaries such as former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recommend taking a speed reading course.  And the medical student I worked with yesterday became an instant believer.

Serious Upside

Give it 30 minutes and see if you haven’t improved.  The upside to reading faster without losing comprehension?  You can either:

1) Read the same amount of material you are currently reading but in less time, freeing you up for other pursuits.

2) You can read more material in the same amount of time, allowing you to consume more knowledge (or fun, depending on what you’re reading).

3) Or you can review the same material multiple times, which is great for prepping for classes or tests.

The downside?  30 minutes wasted.  Plus thirty more seconds to express your displeasure in a comment.

How to get started

Click this link.   Find 30 minutes today or tomorrow, sit down with a book that opens flat (loose printed pages work well too), and try it out.  Seriously, don’t wait.  The potential benefits are too great to not try this out.

Reading faster isn’t about spending money on expensive products or browsing the web to find the best, most proven technique.  It is about setting aside the time to practice and get better.  And convincing yourself reading faster is possible for you.

Calculate your wpm before and after this experiment and post below.  Happy reading!

Original Source: Tim Ferris, Scientific Speed Reading

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