The State of Inbound Marketing

I recently completed the Thirty Day Challenge and I really want to take my hat of to Ed Dale and his team for creating an amazing product.  It’s free, it takes about an hour a day for thirty days (interactive, not just watching or reading), and at the end of it, you’ll have a great sense of how internet marketing functions.

I’ve been applying many of the lessons I learned this to my work with Datacap.  One important facet is inbound marketing.  I’ll post a book review of “Digital Body Language” soon that will look at the evolution of inbound marketing more closely but for now, inbound marketing means making yourself findable to people who are looking for your product or service.

Hubspot had a short webinar today about the 4 Best practices for inbound marketing.  The general takeaway is to  create good content and promote it on your blog and on twitter in order to generate leads.

1) Growing Google indexed pages

Every increase of 50-100 pages leads to double digit increase in leads.  Interestingly, the tipping point is 311 pages – after that, you get a 2-3x increase in leads.  A blog the critical tool for building page volume and the blog should be on your own domain, in order to capture the value of any inbound links.

2) Keywords (top 100 search rankings)

You want to maximize number of keywords you rank for in Google.  This means if the keyword is typed into Google you appear in the top 100 results. Do this by creating content that can be associated with many distinct keywords.  Leads will increate proportionally to the number of keywords that are ranked.

3) Blog
To all of you just getting started or wondering when you’ll see lead generation coming from your blog, the tipping point is 20-50 articles on the site to start generating significant leads/week.

4) Using Twitter to promote content
Reaching 100-500 followers generates the biggest leads in B2C companies.

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