Finding a Good B2B Landing Page

Datacap is a B2B that sells data capture solutions.  I’m part of the marketing team here and we’re trying to find a good way to convert the search traffic we get.  Web pages used to function essentially as billboards.  Now the smart business wants to know who is landing on their site, where they came from, what they want and what their contact information is.

One way of bringing people to your site in a more controlled way is to use a landing page.  The purpose of a landing page is to present a specific offer to a visitor and trying to “convert” the visitor.  For B2B purposes, a conversion is typically an exchange of information: specifically, the information the visitor is looking for in exchange for the visitor’s contact information.  Visitors tend to land on landing pages from a directed offer in a newsletter or blog or by clicking on an PPC ad.

The problem I found with starting to design Datacap’s landing pages is that I’ve never been marketed to as a business!  I have lots of experience getting to B2C (business to consumer) landing pages.  B2C companies love marketing to me.  However, the conversion for B2C is frequently a final sale – either you buy the product or not.  Recently, I got a subscription to the Economist based on a landing page I found with a nice offer on it.  B2B tend to have long sales cycles so the impulse buy is off the table.

Now I’m trying to track down B2B landing pages to see how other companies are doing it.  Hopefully I can find some successful ones and I’m sure I’ll come across some pages that are less than optimally designed.  Google hasn’t proven to be helpful – the people who are writing about B2B landing pages are generally selling their services in designing those pages.  I’m specifically looking for business who are advertising their own products or services for sale directly to another business, with me as the business representative.

I think it’s telling that the number one result when Googling “b2b landing page” is from 2008!  And none of the results are from a business not selling landing page services.  Any recommendations on finding a business that is executing a good B2B landing page?

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