Digital Marketing Syllabus – Week 1

Digital Marketing Workshop Syllabus

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Google Adwords, Display and Facebook Ads

Week 1

Instructor: Eric Morrow


0. Homework

Watch this video –

Register for a Facebook and Google Account (most probably have one)

Choose a landing page – a destination for your paid traffic

Choose an image to be included with Facebook advertising


I. Intro

What’s the point of paying for web traffic?  Isn’t it supposed to be free?

How many of you are already using digital advertising?

What’s the difference between search and display?

What’s the difference between Google Adwords, Google Display and Facebook Ads?
II. Using Digital Advertising

a. Goal?

Deliver targeted, relevant ads to a particular searcher and demographic in order to bring the searcher to your website/landing page


b. Key terminology




Ad copy – Title/Body/URL




c. First step regardless of platform

What are you selling?  Who is your customer?

The more carefully you can describe your target customer and their online behavior the more readily you can tailor your advertising campaign.

d. Keywords and Demographic targeting

What keywords are people using to find your product or service.

How would you describe your customer demographic?

Using Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator

A quick look at Facebook demographic targeting


e. Writing ad copy

Ads are SHORT!  Aim for 25 characters for a header and 70-100 characters for the body.

Consider the different products and services you are selling.  Write sample ad copy.

Include keywords!  Be as descriptive as possible.

Testing ad copy.


f. Quick guide to Landing pages and SEO

Content of landing page explicitly related to text and subject of ad.

Text of landing page should include actual keywords on-page.

Query strings – helps you track where traffic came from in Analytics

URL Builder in Analytics


III. Getting started with Google Adwords and Display

Logging in to  Need a Google account!  (Most of you will use gmail)

Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords and Ads

Creating a campaign and choosing the right targeting settings

Choosing adgroups – how to structure your advertising

Adding keywords and ads

Quality score and ad rank

Placements, categories

Different types of ads and sizes (text, image, video and rich media)



IV. Setting up Facebooks Ads

Logging in to  Need a Facebook account!

1. Design your ad

Similar to Adwords – You need a Title, Body and URL

2. Targeting

Instead of search where you use keywords, Facebook uses demographic targeting

Choose people based on location, demographics, and interests


IV. Resources

a. The best books to learn more about Google Adwords and Display and Facebook

Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddess and Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub

b. The one article I go back to time and again for Adwords

c. Landing pages

We won’t discuss landing pages extensively in this class, but where you send your paid traffic is very important.

For non-Facebook landing pages, check out

For Facebook, the purpose is generally to generate likes.  Start here for ideas –

Week 1 Assignments

1. Start at least one campaign in one of the tools

2. Choose a landing page

Week 2 Preview

In week 2 we will look at the results of our ad campaigns and learn how to optimize each advertising platform.  Optimizations will generally lower costs, raise click-through rates, and allow better targeting.

We will also look at advanced split testing of ad copy.


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