Digital Marketing Syllabus – Week 2

Digital Marketing Workshop
Google Adwords, Display and Facebook Ads
Week 2

Instructor: Eric Morrow


0. Homework

Run a variety of ads on Facebook and Google Search and Display. Use different keywords, demographics, site placements, and ad copy.

I. Optimizing Digital Advertising

a. Goal?
Optimization – improving the value of your advertising campaigns.

This commonly means improving click-through rates and conversions. However, advertising campaigns can be optimized to meet any metric.

III. Optimizing Google Adwords and Display

a. Key terminology

Ad copy – Title/Body/URL
Match Type: Broad, Phrase, Exact
Split test

b. A few reports contain most of your actionable insights

The 6/90 rule: 6 Reports Contain 90% Of Actionable AdWords Insights
Using reports in the new interface
Focus on areas of high spend

Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords and Ads

c. Choosing the right columns
1) Campaigns – Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, Cost, Pos, Lost IS (rank/budget)
2) Keywords – Quality Score/Match Type
3) Ads – Default should work

Any view can be saved as a “report” – either for immediate use or ongoing use.
Any view can be “filtered” as well, to remove extraneous information.

d. Keyword Report

Look at impressions, clicks, and CTR of ads.
Can also tie to conversion metrics.
Set bids on cost per conversion
Find low QS keywords with high spends to optimize

e. Search Terms

Purpose is to see the exact terms that are triggering your ad
Major objective: Apply negative keywords to “bad” keywords

f. Ad Text Report

Shows the actual performance of each of your ads
Allows you to split test ad copy

g. Impression Share

Determine where you are losing impressions and if it is to rank or budget

h. Placement Performance

Include actual URLs the first time
Evaluate according to CTR and CPC

IV. Optimizing Facebooks Ads

a. Key Terminology

Reach – the number of individual people who saw the ad
Frequency – how often each person saw the ad
Social Reach – how many people saw the ad that said their friends liked it
Connections – how many people liked your page as a result of the ad

b. Otherwise, essentially the same as for Google!

Click “Full Report”
Look for reports with high spend and low CTRs
See which ad copy is working and test against new ad copy
Test different demographics

IV. Resources
a. The best books to learn more about Google Adwords and Display and Facebook
Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddess and Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub

b. The one article I go back to time and again for Adwords

Search for Brad Geddess in Search Engine Land and you’ll find a wealth of articles.

c. Landing pages
We won’t discuss landing pages extensively in this class, but where you send your paid traffic is very important.

For non-Facebook landing pages, check out

For Facebook, the purpose is generally to generate likes. Start here for ideas –

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