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I’ve been volunteering at the NYC Audubon Society through Catchafire.  They did a writeup about my experience so far.


Today’s guest post is by Eric Morrow, a digital marketing professional at IBM. He was recently matched with the NYC Audubon Society on a Social Media project.

At IBM, I’m in a social media role focused on competition with another big tech company.  The site where it all comes together is

Catchafire matched me with the NYC Audubon Society.  Most people know them for their birding efforts, but they also perform extensive wildlife and lands protection and run education seminars about NYC ecology. NYC Audubon wanted to get involved in social media but didn’t really know how to start.  I began by sitting down with their team and talking with them about what NYC Audubon is all about, and getting a sense for what they want to accomplish.  That helped us figure out where they should start and what they should prioritize.

We’re starting by sending a questionnaire to their member base to see what type of digital media they already consume and what kind they would like to consume from Audubon.  We have also started thinking about what type of content would be best pushed out through social media channels.  At the heart of social media is engagement with Audubon members.  So we are trying to discover what they want to learn about and how they want to learn about it.

The best part of this experience has been working with a friendly and active nonprofit that really knows their stuff.  Working with experts makes my job really easy – after that, it’s just about connecting them to people who want access to the experts and their information.

Inspired to give pro bono? You can start by checking out Catchafire’s open projects.

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