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What are you most concerned about with introducing social media to your class? What are some possible ways of addressing that concern?

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4 comments on “Blog post/response for NYU Symposium
  1. Aaron Slater says:

    We came up with three issues:
    1) How to make it effective and meaningful
    2) How to prevent students from using it as a diversion
    3) How to ensure infrastructure can sustain technology

    Possibles solutions:
    1) make sure you’ve researched classroom

  2. Trace Jordan says:


    1. Access to online tools – public or private?

    2. Privacy issue with online conversations. What is the conversation turns ugly and the conversation becomes public?

    3. Students who are uncomfortable with the subject matter may be reluctant to post comments online if the comments are public.

    4. Scalability issue…something that works for 40 students doesn’t always work for 80 students.

    5. Setting up, reading, and commenting on blogs takes extra time and professors are already busy with course prep.

  3. Jane says:

    Our primary concerns are a) how to preserve and centralize student work and information generated by or for social media so that teachers and students can refer to it or go back to it later. Would building hashtags into assignments or weeks on the syllabus be a potential solution? An even bigger concern is how to deal with the Pandora’s box of student distraction with increased internet use in the classroom. Perhaps make designated time periods in specific classes “laptop” times for social media exercises and engagement? Is this too heavy-handed or does it discourage further social media-related creativity?

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