Metro screenworks sliding screen doors review

In this post I want to highlight a company I recently did business with that I think does a lot of things well.

My family needed new sliding screen doors for our lake house.  Here’s what the old ones looked like:










And that’s the one in good shape!!  The others were warped and no longer fit on their railings.

I started with Google (keyword: sliding screen doors) and quickly found Metro Screenworks (MSW).  Right off the bat their customer service was responsive.  Thanks Melina!  On top of that their website is chockfull of useful information and descriptions.  And my favorite – videos!  They have short videos that explain the difference in their screens, how to order screens and how to install them once they arrive.  I like simple, functional marketing that explains to the customer how their life will be better after they order a product.  And MSW did that in spades.


After I ordered the screens, I got followup emails from MSW with my confirmation number and my tracking number once the order shipped.  A week later the screens were delivered.  Here’s how they looked boxed up.

Everything was in perfect shape when I opened it up and I got the screens installed quickly.  From unboxing to screened doors took about 30 minutes.

We ended up getting the Hercules doors and its easy to see in the picture that these doors are substantially more hefty that the originals from the 70s.  A few twist of the screws on the bottom and the screens slid along easily.  The tracks are pretty old so I’m going to get some silicone gel to smooth the sliding.

All in all, from a highly informative website with pictures, descriptions and videos, to responsive and helpful customer service, to prompt delivery and an excellent product, working with MSW was an excellent experience.  I don’t expect to need new screen doors for a while now and I unhesitatingly recommend these sliding screen doors and Metro screenworks.  Thanks!

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