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Shannon and I have taught a few classes at 3rd Ward now and we’ve gotten some very good feedback.  We’ve made some changes to the original syllabus in response to that feedback.  Also, download the Digital Marketing Worksheet we use in class.

Big Goals

We will cover a lot of different topics but we only want you to walk out with 2 or 3 things you can actually apply to your business THIS WEEK!!

We want you to focus on a few practical taks at a time, and learn from what you’ve done before moving on to something new.  Building your online business and presence is a long step by step process.  This class is designed to take the overwhelming nature of “where to start” out of the mix.  We make digital marketing simple and straightforward by encouraging you to focus in on your niche and add extra value for your customers.

Note: This class is a broad overview of your digital marketing options.  We do not dive into the nitty gritty of, for example, running an email campaign.  The goal of the class is instead to help you choose where you want to spend your marketing efforts.

Classroom Pedagogy

Shannon and I teach the class by having the students follow a Digital Marketing Worksheet.  We start by breaking the class into groups of three.  We teach by introducing each topic, give a few examples, and then have the three person groups fill out the exercises on the worksheet.


  1. Target demographic – Who is most likely to buy something?
    1. What do you know about your customers?  For example: Age, ethnicity, sex, income, geography (neighborhood), marital status, kids.  What websites do they look at, magazines they read, what do they buy on Amazon, where they shop, where they travel, where they eat, what clothes they like.
  2. Email/Direct marketing
    1. Email database
    2. Content for email
    3. Frequency
  3. Social
    1. Social can mean Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social space
    2. Don’t sell on social
    3. Create a community
  4. Events
    1. Live in the real world.
    2. Get your customers together!
    3. Social – advertise event on Facebook, post pictures/polls after the event
    4. Email – notify mailing list before event, post pictures/polls after the event
    5. Add value, don’t sell – Events should be fun, informative, or tasty and not require anything to be purchased
  5.  Partnerships
    1. Look for overlapping demographics.  Your product should create value for your partner’s demographic and vice versa.
  6. Content – Produce educational, interesting or helpful content for your customers.
    1. Writing – blog or web pages
    2. Pictures – product, events, software
    3. Video – animation, explanatory, customer testimonials
    4. Audio – podcast
  7. Curation – “Top Ten Wines under $10”
    1. Top ten list
    2. Highlight what other people like.  Helpful for people who don’t have a lot of experience.
  8. References/referrals
    1. Don’t beg for referrals.  Get your customers to want to do it.
  9. Prizes, games, giveaways
    1. Get your customers to stand up and identify themselves
    2. Prize should be of real value to customer.
    3. Information you get for the prize should be of real value to you.
  10. Preferred customers
    1. Make your best customers feel special, provide extra value
    2. Ask your customers what they want – they will tell you!
  11. Online conversations
    1. People are talking about you or the same type of products online.  Be aware of the conversation.
    2. Be responsive if appropriate.
  12. Search Engine Marketing
    1. $$$ = Relevant, targeted traffic for your website
    2. Keywords –words people type into search engines to find your product
    3. Webpages –sites people go to in order to learn about your product
    4. Facebook – describe your demographic
    5. Ad copy – make a succinct, descriptive, specific offer
  13. Search Enginge Optimization
    1. Content
    2. Links
    3. Don’t worry about it!
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