French ‘Digital Marketing’ at Le Camping, Startup Incubator

Eric Morrow teaching Digital Marketing at Le Camping

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Le Camping

I worked with several teams of entrepreneurs yesterday at Le Camping in Paris.  Le Camping is a startup incubator founded by Silicon Sentier, “who believe that redistribution of power thanks to the Internet and the emergence of digital culture are powerful tools that can change the world.”

This was the first time “Digital Marketing for Everyone” was offered outside of the United States and I believe everyone found the curriculum and tools to be useful.  So that’s good!

Customer Feedback Loops

One interesting idea that came up in class is the difference between online conversations/reviews on 3rd party sites like Yelp and Amazon and on your own site.  For young digital startups in particular, there will most likely not be a lot of buzz or reviews around your service.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of online conversations.  Instead, you should use a service like UserVoice or GetSatisfaction to make sure your users and customers can effectively communicate with you.  This will create a customer feedback loop the startup can use to effectively guide their growth and development.  This concept is a fundamental part of Lean Startup – more about Lean Startup principles here.

Executing the “one marketing idea”

Shannon and I have been exploring ways of locking in our goal for the class, which is to have every student walk away with at least one actionable idea they can execute tomorrow or the next week.  We thought about having students post their idea to our Facebook page but that didn’t go over well.  So this time, at the end of class, I had the students go around and say out loud what they would like to do next.  Perhaps the public expression (and writing down of the idea on the worksheet) will help make the idea a reality?

Here are the marketing steps each company wants to take:

  • Social x2 (Instagram for Pictures, Community focus instead of selling)
  • Prizes (give away a free workshop)
  • Demographics x2 (who are early adopters, who buys specialized domains)
  • Education video (explaining service)
  • Partnership (with boutique travel companies)
  • Feedback loop (online conversation)
  • Referrals (encourage users to share videos on Facebook with unlock codes)
What I take away from this (only two overlaps) is that each tool is really the “best fit” for a different company, so it really is worthwhile taking the time to explore all of the digital marketing options and deciding where to spend your marketing efforts.

Thanks to Explee, Stormz, Poutsch, Augment, and PeekStories for sharing your stories with me and to Le Camping for having me in.  Good luck with all of your enterprises!

Filling out the worksheet

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  1. That was an awesome “get back to basics” session Eric, thanks a lot again! 😉

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