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I taught ‘Digital Marketing’ at the 3rd Ward on Wednesday.  3rd Ward is where I first started teaching and the students there tend to be creative professionals like artists, photographers, craftsmen and authors.  In this class there was also a family lawyer, the communications director for Harlem Academy and a PR guy.

Go behind the veil

One of the students, when we were discussing social media, mentioned how popular his Instagram photos of setting up his photo shoots are.  We took that idea of letting  your customers or followers in on your creative process and applied it to many of the other students.  A student who makes handcrafted and unique wooden furniture thought it would be good to show how a piece of furniture is crafted from idea to finished product.  A visual artist wanted to show the beginning, middle and end of one of her pieces of work (and even highlight that on her website’s home page).

Social media is a great way to go “behind the veil” and share your personality and creative process.  A large part of the reason that people love handcrafted goods and webshops like Etsy is that they feel like they are buying something that is unique from a real person.  Social services like Pinterest and Instragram are designed specifically to share photos that are a perfect way to showcase what you are doing.

This way of creating compelling content is so good because it gives you great stuff for your website, emails and  social sites, as well as rewarding customers who like and follow you (preferred customers).  How can you use social media to give your customers a behind the scenes look at how you make your product?

Bonus!  Intro videos

When we were talking about website content and intro videos, a student brought up a great example of a well-made into video that effectively informs the website visitor what the company is all about.  If you’re going into the high-end custom glass dildo business, this is the way to do it in style!

Book Launch + Party

Thank you to everyone for a great class and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the book launch party on January 11th at the Muse in Brooklyn (More details coming soon).  “Digital Marketing for Everyone” the book is now available on Amazon in both ebook and print format (I love my Kindle but the print edition is pretty awesome).  If you pick up a copy, definitely let me know what you think!

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