‘Digital Marketing for Everyone’ book release party (+photos!)

In January, Shannon and I launched the first edition of our book “Digital Marketing for Everyone”.  Thanks to all the performers who entertained us throughout the night!

Digital Marketing performers


Thanks to Dona for the photography and Angela and the Muse for the space and coordinating everything.  Thanks to my wonderful friends and their businesses who donated prizes for the raffle (BBQ Films, 3rd Ward, the Muse, Exercise Intention and  Sparkes Wellness).

Before the festivities began I taught “Digital Marketing for Everyone” to the performers.  I think the main takeaway that people found useful was to use social media to bring people into your process.  Just look at these photos!  People want to see performers getting ready for a gig, putting on their makeup and costumes, and training.  Angela does a great job of doing this for the Muse.   (See her Facebook page)  For entertainers and performers, and the rest of us, use social media to show your fans how it is you do what you do.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, enjoying the show and picking up a book.  I’ve gotten great feedback (you can leave a review on Amazon too!) and I’m working hard on getting a revised and updated v2 of the book out in the next few months.

And now, some photos from the event:





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