How does your customer make a decision to buy from you?

3rd Ward class

I had a great class with students at 3rd Ward last week.  Teaching here always feels like going home!  And I signed up with the Education Department here to build out a few different versions of the course that will run for 9 hours (3 weeks of 3 hour classes).  I think this will respond to feedback I’ve been getting recently that students wished they had more class time.  I designed the course to squeeze in the maximum amount of learning possible in seven hours (generally taught over two half-days) and a nine hour block will give us a bit more breathing room.

A theme we kept coming back to during class was the question of how a customer makes a decision to buy from you.  This is a natural extension of the demographic exercise we do as the first step in class and is the bridge between demographics and marketing materials.

Consider an example from class: How does a person select an event company to host a luxury year-end party for their business?  Most likely they will do a number of different things on the internet.

They will probably look at the company’s website to see photos from previous events, to see if they can imagine what their event will look like.  They will also view these previous events as testimonials to the event planner’s ability to fulfill their promises.  They will also look for actual testimonials from previous clients.

They will do some Google research looking for reviews about the event planner, or maybe get more detailed on sites like Yelp or category-specific websites for their type of event.

They may go to social media sites like Instagram or Facebook to see what happens at the event itself, to get a “live” view of the event planners services.

All of this digital research is called, by Google, the Zero Moment of Truth.  It encapsulates all the work someone is going to do to review and research your company before getting in touch with you.

Your job as a digital marketer is to create all the exciting and compelling content (normally a mix of writing, pictures, video and audio) that will help people learn about your business and decide to hire you.

Businesses from class and the best “Actionable Marketing Idea”

This class heavily focused on content creation for websites and social for their actionable marketing idea.

  • Interior installations (video/social)
  • Vertical gardens (audio/video instructions)
  • Homemade soup delivery (video for website)
  • Financial magazine (social)
  • Women’s fashion and accessories (website content)
  • Dominatrix (curation/online conversations)
  • Premium events (website)
  • Custom finishes for furniture (events/partnerships)
  • Head of admissions for school (email)


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