Digital Marketing for Business Growth: Workshop followup with resources/links

Here is a list of resources I collected from questions that were asked in class

37signals evolution of home page

Start building an email list:

Setting up an email campaign – video from class:

Intro to Google Analytics – video from class:

Time boxing for efficiently creating content:

My favorite marketing content: and

I believe though that the best way to keep current on marketing is to bookmark marketing that you think is clever. I find that to be excellent inspiration. For example, I take photos of street ads I find remarkable.

Virgin Mobile adThis ad says “At this price, I’ll come back to France.” A French actor, Gerard Depardieu, had left France after his tax rate was set to be raised.

My free recorded classes on Paid Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising)

Class 1 –
Class 2 –

Lean Startup book (paper version is best, book is heavy on images):

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