Digital Marketing for Business Growth: GA NY Class Followup

I taught a one-day version of Digital Marketing for Business Growth at General Assembly last week.  Below are a collection of resources that came up during class discussion.

General Assembly class 9/13

Setting up an email campaign on Mailchimp – video from class:

And a better description of Facebook/Mailchimp comment and integration:

Intro to Google Analytics – video from class:

Time boxing for efficiently creating content:

My favorite marketing content and

I am going to start putting together a digital marketing best practices page.  My initial thought it to have it as a running stream of ideas that I will link to from my blog and social accounts.  In fact, it turns out this is already going strong on Pinterest –, so I’ll start there.  Here’s the board I’ll be curating –

On a similar note, you can look at, which runs lot of interesting split tests.

My free recorded classes on paid Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising)

Class 1 –
Class 2 –

Class syllabus to download

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