Photos from drones

I just started taking photography lessons with ex-cop photog Gary Knight here in Raleigh.  Been an awesome ride so far, getting educated on f-stops, exposure and composition.  We’ve also been talking about drones!  Drones are the best way of getting cool angles and perspectives that just aren’t possible in other ways.

And then of course you get this

Wedding photographer accidentally flies drone into groom’s face (VIDEO)

Everytime I turn around I see drones these days.  I was just in New Orleans and ran into this video/photographer from SF flying his drone around with GoPro attached.

Photographer with drone


At Triangle Startup Weekend I met a bunch of drone flyers who had a Proto X with them –  just $40 on Amazon.  So I got one of those and I’m practicing my flying skills!  Soon I’ll think about upgrading to the full size copter and camera to try out aerial photography.

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