First steps on Pinterest for Artists

I think Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most effective and easiest to use social media platforms for helping an artist show off her work. Tubmlr rates a near third for me. I recently wrote about how my friend Pepijn, based in Holland, got going on Instagram. When he first got going on Pinterest, here’s what he found.

I’m trying to set up Pinterest, but I can’t see how I put my pictures/pins on the board. I’ve made my page, but that’s only how far I get. Is there a way to use the dropbox folder like with Instagram and add the pictures with some text?

Pinterest is a little different from Instagram. Once you create an account, then create a board. Then click add pin. It’ll give you three options – choose from my computer, and then you can upload the image directly. From your phone (that’s where your pictures are likely to be anyway), select the picture you want to add from the Gallery on the Samsung, then choose the share button on the top, and then select the Add a Pin choice. You need the Pinterest app installed first.

If you prefer to load photos from Dropbox (useful if you take pictures with a non-phone camera), then go into Dropbox app on your phone, find the photo you want, long press it until a menu pops up, and then choose add a pin.

I also think that it is afine to just share the exact same pictures in both Insagram and Pinterest to get started. Step 1 in every social media world is adding in content so it looks like a real person is behind the account. Fancier stuff can happen after the table is set.

Finally, in Pinterest, you don’t add the person, so much as Follow their boards. And you can use the search functionality to find any sort of pins you’re interested in! For example,


I recommend starting your own board called “Favorite Illustrations” or “inspiration” or something. That’ll get the ball rolling for pinterest. (Replace illustrations with whatever you are making/selling).



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