Going on television

On Friday I went on television for the first time. Honestly, it was nerve wracking to start. I don’t feel comfortable being interviewed – I’d rather just talk and teach. It’s a big part of the reason I don’t like lecturing. I don’t want everyone staring at me in the front of the room, I just want the students working.

You can see how the interview went here: Watch on WNCN

Here are my takeaways from the experience:

1) It isn’t actually that scary. I relaxed by chatting with the other people in the room about their businesses. That’s what I like to do anyway, so it put me right at ease.

2) It really helps to practice. I talked through my responses with Josie the morning before I went on. So all my responses were rehearsed but not so much so to be delivered robotically. Thinking through things once or twice made sure the answers were succinct.

3) Treat it like a like a normal conversation. I tuned out the cameras and just had a chat with Yolanda, the host of the show. She was awesome! Made it really easy to just have a normal conversation.

4) Speak evenly, with good pace, and not too much. I talk fast. Really fast. So I made a very conscious effort to slow myself down and pronounce all the words. I also wanted to keep my answers to between 3 and 4 sentences to keep the flow of conversation going back and forth. I think that worked out.

For me, going on TV was a lot like teaching entrepreneurs to give a good elevator pitch. It requires practice, confidence and succinctness. You need to be sure about what you want to say and to be able to deliver it in a very natural way. That doesn’t come all on its own – practicing your lines with friends is a great way to get prepared to deliver to your target audience.

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