Agenda for kicking off a startup accelerator

Today was the official launch of the OU Sooner Launchpad Summer Accelerator Program. It’s also the first time I was responsible for launching this kind of program. So I invited all the team members and all of the faculty and administration responsible for putting together the program to a short meeting plus longer lunch. I had an idea of what we needed to accomplish¬†(introduce ourselves, answer student questions, map out the summer) but I didn’t have a proper agenda I wanted to follow. In the true spirit of learning and entrepreneurship, I ¬†discovered that was a mistake! So here’s the agenda I wish I had made before the kickoff.

Agenda for Accelerator kickoff

1. Intro from Jim Wheeler – why we are all here
2. Intro from the CCEW team – lots of staff supporting the accelerator, what they all do
3. Intro from guests – I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any guests/mentors, but we ended up having some, so they told us who they were too
4. Intros from teams – short statement of what the business idea is that the team will be working on, plus individual introductions from all of the team members
5. Goal setting question for teams – where are you now and what would success look like ten weeks from now
6. Explain calendar for summer – what a weekly cadence will look like, what the end goal of the accelerator is (demo day)
7. Discuss legal matters – organization of business + promissory note
8. Introduce role of mentors – each time has a mentor, get to meet three times
9. Site logistics – parking, door access
10. Take any questions – dress code came up
11. Go have lunch!

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