Class 12, Week 6 – Storyboarding

For this week’s Startup Skills class, we did one of my absolute favorites: storyboarding! Anytime you’ve seen an intro or explanatory video on the web, it started as a storyboard.

Introducing explanatory videos

I teach the class by first introducing a few videos. For example:

Coin (my personal favorite)

Groupon (30 seconds!)

Who Gives A Crap?

Colspace (disclaimer: I created this one):

After each one I ask the students to say what they liked and disliked about each video. This gives the class an interesting baseline to start from.

I then ask the students to come up with their own explanatory video storyboard. Each student works alone to increase the number of initial ideas we get. After five minutes of sketching and brainstorming, the students share their ideas with each other through a short acting out of the video idea.

Get excited!!

And then I show Solar Freaking’ Roadways. Start with the indiegogo page:

Consider their first video:

Sadly, it is quite boring. But then, consider the second video.

This is the launching off point for a different style from what most people come up with at first, which tends to be straightforward and relatively low energy. Launching new products can be fun and interesting as well as helpful!

So the students go back to the drawing board and come up with a totally different version of their storyboard, this time with high energy, in your face action! I also ask them to start thinking about patterns and repetition. You only need to get one or two ideas across in a 60 second video, and those ideas should be repeated a handful of times for maximum stickiness. At the end of the second iteration, the students once again share their storyboards with the group by acting them out.

Round three: Something you’ll actually use

I start off round 3 by again showing a few videos to get the ideas moving and asking the students what they like and dislike.


Zencash (drawing):


The Girl Effect:

The goal of this class is to have the teams walk away with a storyboard they could actually make into a video. For example, here’s a video put together by Kevin Hicks for Triangle Bikeworks after a storyboarding class at the Cube at UNC:

The goal isn’t to be perfect! It’s to get a first draft of the video out to your customers to get feedback.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are what the teams came up with!

Icarus storyboard presentation

Xip storyboard presentation1

Levaté storyboard presentation

Xip storyboard presentation3

Xip storyboard presentation2

Driven Analytics storyboard presentation

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