Guerrilla Marketing for Social Entrepreneurship

Here’s the syllabus for a new class I’m teaching on guerrilla marketing for social entrepreneurship at the Cube at UNC today. All the examples are at the bottom. Feel free to use the workshop in your own space.


5-515 Introductions & Purpose of guerrilla marketing

515-530 Social cause: PSAs, then Watch Pillows and Fuck the Poor. Get list of what people thought was effective/not effective

530 – 540 Generate the 5 rules of Guerilla Marketing

540 – 550 Use your product: Sweetgreen – how does it follow the rules?

550 – 6 First draft of your own guerilla marketing campaign

6- 610 Experential marketing Piano Stairs/U2 – how does it follow the rules?

610 – 620 Second draft

620 – 630 Share outs and critiques

Rules of guerrilla marketing:

1) Be on brand

2) Is visual

3) Will get people talking

4) Reaches the audience the brand cares about

5) Highlights the brand’s product/service in a relevant and newsworthy way

Visuals PSAs  3, 8, 12, 14, 20, 27, 38, 59

Experential Marketing

The goal of experiential marketing is for consumers to interact with your product and then associate their immediate emotional response with your brand. Some experiential marketing ideas are a pop-up fashion show, giving away your product for free with no warning (other than possibly a tweet with your location), an impromptu concert, and live window displays where your staff models clothes or your product.

Piano stairs –

U2 –

Social Cause

A Belgian designer named Pieter-Jan Fraussen used guerrilla marketing to draw attention to world poverty. 60 pillows were printed with the message “Still too many people sleep in the streets” that were left in a main shopping area for people to find. It created buzz, got people talking, and was covered by the media. A campaign like this creates exposure not only for the social cause, but for the company or person behind it too. This is a great example to use as inspiration for your own thought- provoking social cause campaign.

Pillows –

Fuck the poor –


Booty Call underpants –

Use your product

Apples –

Sweetgreen –

Hijack something else that’s PR worthy –


Speak to the other half

Dog posters  –

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