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BIGGER digital marketing course

I’ve been teaching digital marketing for the last two years and the most common feedback I get from my students is that they want more – more content, more time, more hands-on training and more of my own commentary and

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How creatives can use social media to engage their audience

I gave a presentation/workshop at Paris Factory (hosted by ESCP) today with Professor Martin Kupp.  We talked about how creatives can effectively use social media.  Here’s the official description (+ introductions in French!) For the past two years I’ve been

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French ‘Digital Marketing’ at Le Camping, Startup Incubator

Le Camping I worked with several teams of entrepreneurs yesterday at Le Camping in Paris.  Le Camping is a startup incubator founded by Silicon Sentier, “who believe that redistribution of power thanks to the Internet and the emergence of digital culture

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Following up from NYU seminar

Last week I sat down with about 25 NYU professors and TAs for NYU’s MAP program (the freshman required curriculum) to discuss using social media in the classroom.  The purpose of the seminar was to introduce them to some of

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Social Socratic Method

In law school a favorite form of teachers questioning students is called the socratic method.  Wikipedia defines this as “a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking

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Blog post/response for NYU Symposium

What are you most concerned about with introducing social media to your class? What are some possible ways of addressing that concern?

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The Digital Interactive Classroom

The university professor can take advantage of a variety of (mostly) free software tools to better engage her students.  I like to think of a classroom as a natural social network, a mini-ecosystem inside the larger university, where students can better

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Social media in higher education

Last night I went to the holiday party for the Op-Ed Project and met two professors (CUNY and NYU) who are interested in making better use of social media in their higher education classrooms.  I spend a lot of my day

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Go to Yale (or Oxford) for free

“The problem is no longer budget nor access to tools.  The problem is the will to get good at it.”  Seth wrote this to serve as a kick in the rear to get going and get learning.  How many times

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How to be an expert in everything

Ever since I read the Four-Hour Workweek I wanted to have a virtual assistant.  As it turns out, my life isn’t nearly so complicated or busy that I really need one to help with my tasks.  Not only that, I advocate

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