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Digital Marketing with Lady Gaga

In “Digital Marketing for Everyone”, I teach my students that social media is not a place to sell.  Instead, it is a place to get your fans together as a community and bring them inside your process.  My friend and colleague Martin Kupp,

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Pro Bono voice on Catchafire

I’ve been volunteering at the NYC Audubon Society through Catchafire. They did a writeup about my experience so far.

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Don’t believe in speed reading?

The average American reads at about 200-300 words-per-minute (wpm).  That’s about half a page per minute.  With just a little training (30 minutes), you can boost that to over 400 wpm, putting you in the top 1% of all readers

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Guest Post: Kyden Creekpaum and his “betters”

Meet Kyden. Classical music and lawyering both are unfortunately likely to be incredibly boring.  But Kyden Creekpaum is a rock star of both.  I first saw Kyden give a classical piano concert in the basement of Georgetown Law school.  His

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