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How to get your company experts to blog

If you work in social media as part of a marketing team, you’ve definitely heard “I don’t have time to blog” from your subject matter experts.  I work for IBM and a big part of my job is to encourage

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A social media lead’s focus should be inside the company

I work as a social media lead for a competitive team focused on Oracle inside of IBM.  I maintain a site called  Part of my role is to manage the SmarterQuestions presence on social media sites (primarily Facebook and

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Pushing social media responsibility down to the lowest possible level

In my role as social media lead at IBM for a competitive team on Oracle, and editor for the blog, I’ve been thinking about the best place to put the responsibility for social media activity. And then I read

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John Boyd and social media marketing

I recently finished Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, by Robert Coram.  The book tells the story of an Air Force fighter pilot who brought a radically different way of thinking about buying and flying fighter

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How and why I joined IBM as a social media lead to work on

I work for IBM and my official title is “Social Media Lead”. I joined the competitive team to work on a project called SmarterQuestions was just getting formed as a response to Oracle’s acquisition of Sun.

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