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Photos from drones

I just started taking photography lessons with ex-cop photog Gary Knight here in Raleigh.  Been an awesome ride so far, getting educated on f-stops, exposure and composition.  We’ve also been talking about drones!  Drones are the best way of getting

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8 steps to building a successful coworking space

The 8 elements of building a successful coworking space that is part of the local business community as well as an engine for creativity, growth and jobs.

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Entrepreneurship thrives in Tulsa

I went up to Tulsa this week to hang out with OU’s Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) and their very own Taylor Potter. She arranged a whirlwind tour of Tulsa and setup a few workshops with local entrepreneurs.

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How to start building your email list

Last week I traveled to Holstebro at the invitation of Lasse from Lynfabrikken to teach digital marketing.  The class was made up of all local business owners, two newspaper men and some representatives of the municipality. One interesting topic that

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Cultural sensitivity, class follow-up from GA Berlin

When I asked my Berlin class to do their first breakout session, each person turned to their worksheet and started filling out the demographic bubbles individually and quietly.  It turned out to be a cultural thing here – put your

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Digital Marketing at General Assembly London

Class follow-up post from digital marketing course at General Assembly London

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French ‘Digital Marketing’ at Le Camping, Startup Incubator

Le Camping I worked with several teams of entrepreneurs yesterday at Le Camping in Paris.  Le Camping is a startup incubator founded by Silicon Sentier, “who believe that redistribution of power thanks to the Internet and the emergence of digital culture

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“Priming the pump” for surfers’ guest book

I’ve spent the last week with Las Palmas Surf Camp on Grand Canary island.  Gran Canaria is a beautiful island with spectacularly diverse landscapes, good waves and a chilled out local culture.  I definitely recommend a visit.  “Jordi” Villa is

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Velib: Quick Renting Bicycles in Paris

[Jess on Velib] The good points to the Velib, Paris’s network of rentable bicycles, are easy to list. It’s cheap, convenient, omnipresent, simple, and requires no human interaction. The fact that Paris was able to get 20,000 bicycles installed almost overnight and then have the system function well is a testament to the public-private partnership that runs the program.

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Traveling Ideas

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing on my blog about the practical applications of business optimization theories.  I wanted a place where I could write about how I was putting the theories I was reading into action. I’m

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