Digital Marketing for Business Growth

Class 1 – Identifying your audience, how you can reach them, using email effectively
Class 2 – Connecting with your audience, blogging/writing, using social channels
Class 3 – Search optimization, goals and analytics
Class 4 – Lean Startup and your complete marketing strategy

The goal of the class is to turn anyone into an effective digital marketer.  You’ll learn how to create excellent content, share it across a variety of channels (websites, email and social), understand what is working and how to optimize everything.

Each class will be split into three sections:

  1. First hour will be small group brainstorming for content ideas
  2. Second hour will be partner writing exercises
  3. Third hour will be technical walkthroughs of how to use specific digital marketing tools and guided instruction on doing it yourself.

There will be time for specific Q&A as well as my personal tips on how to be effective with your digital marketing.

The fourth class will tie everything together using lean startup methodology and show you how to make a compelling marketing strategy, using all of the different tools we’ll cover in the first three classes.

Students will leave feeling comfortable in the digital marketing world, regardless of their starting background.  It has the indepth content to satisfy experienced users and will cover enough of the basics to appeal to novices.  The small group exercises between entrepreneurs has proven to be a popular way of learning, so that’ll stay at the core of the class.

See the full class syllabus here: Digital Marketing for Business Growth

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