This is the syllabus for “Digital Marketing for Everyone”.  Please download the Digital Marketing for Everyone worksheet for use in class.  And you can join the Facebook group, where we respond to student questions.

(If you’re looking for the Writing, Analytics and Optimization syllabus, click here).

Big Goals

We will cover a lot of different topics but we only want you to walk out with 2 or 3 things you can actually apply to your business THIS WEEK!!

We want you to focus on a few practical tasks at a time, and learn from what you’ve done before moving on to something new.  Building your online business and presence is a step-by-step process.  This class is designed to take the overwhelming nature of “where to start” out of the mix.  We make digital marketing simple and straightforward by encouraging you to focus in on your niche, build interesting content and add extra value for your customers.

Note: This class is a broad overview of your digital marketing options.  We do not dive into the nitty gritty of running an email campaign or starting a Facebook page.  The goal of the class is instead to help you choose where you want to spend your marketing efforts.

Classroom Pedagogy

We teach the class by having the students follow a Digital Marketing Worksheet.  We start by breaking the class into groups of three.  We teach by introducing each topic, give a few examples, and then have the three person groups fill out the exercises on the worksheet.


1.  Target demographic

  • Who is most likely to buy something?
  • Don’t be generic. Be very specific.  Your demographic doesn’t include everyone.
  • What is your story?  Why are you doing what you do?

2. Website Content

  • Your website is home base for your company.
  • Produce educational, interesting or helpful content for your customers.
  • The four most common types of content are text, pictures, video and audio.

3. Email marketing

  • Your customer database is the cornerstone of your business.
  • Email has the best bang for your buck out of every tool in this book.
  • Email campaigns create a relationship with your customers.
  • In the world of email campaigns, good content is king.

4. Social

  • Don’t sell on social media.
  • Create a community.
  • Bring your fans inside your process.
  • Tell your story, show some personality.

5. Online conversations

  • People decide if they want to buy your product or service before they ever set foot in your store or meet you in person.
  • Use the feedback you get online to improve.

6. Events

  • Add value, don’t sell—events should be fun, informative, or tasty and not require anything to be purchased.
  • Events get your customers offline so they can interact with you and each other.
  • Social—advertise events on Facebook, post pictures after the event.
  • Email—notify mailing list before the event.

7. Partnerships

  • Partnerships are WIN-WIN situations.
  • Overlapping demographics are essential for successful partnerships.
  • Similar demographics, different products.

8. Curation

  • Top ten list
  • Highlight what other people like.
  • Helpful for people who don’t have a lot of experience.

9. References/referrals

  • Do not make your customers work to refer you to their friends.
  • Instead, make your customers WANT to tell others about you.
  • Make it worth their while.  Be awesome.

10.  Search (SEO and SEM)

  • Searcher’s intent (keywords)
  • SEO = Content and links
  • SEM = buying relevant traffic

11. Preferred customers

  • Make your best customers feel special.
  • Give your best customers what they need most.
  • Ask your customers what they want – they will tell you!

12. Prizes, Games, Give-aways

  • Prizes should be of tremendous value to your potential customers.
  • Information obtained in exchange for a prize should be of value to your business.
  • The prize should make your potential customers identify themselves.

Key reads

Groundswell for social

Long tail for internet niche

SEO for 2012 for SEO

Advanced Google Adwords for SEM

Four hour work week for everything else


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