About Eric Morrow


I’m Eric Morrow and I started this website to write about my professional work and the classes I teach, primarily workshops on innovation and customer development.

I’ve helped large multinational companies, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and artists tap into the power of digital innovation to gain more customers and build better products.  I received my BA from UC: Berkeley and my JD from Georgetown Law.

Want to get in touch?  You can find me on any of the usual social networking channels (see links above) or by email: ericmorrow at gmail dot com.  I am available to teach classes on innovation in the digital age that are tailored to your specific needs.

Where I work

A passion for entrepreneurship

Eric enjoys brainstorming marketing ideas so much you’ll often find him at coworking spaces and startup accelerators talking with busy entrepreneurs about how to acquire new customers.  He takes a customer-centered approach to marketing, where businesses focus on leanly learning about customer needs and developing educational content and products that people love to use.

Some concrete numbers

Eric got his start in digital marketing five years ago at Datacap, a company specializing in capture software.  When Eric joined Datacap, its pipeline was $2 million dollars.  Six months later, after learning on the fly about digital marketing tools like search engine marketing, downloadables and email nurture campaigns, he had grown the pipeline to $5 million in qualified leads and potential projects.  Datacap had also hired another sales rep to handle the increased demand on the sales force.

Expertise sharing

After Datacap got bought by IBM, Eric began work on a project called SmarterQuestions.org.  Working closely with subject matter experts, he built a platform to highlight the competitive advantages of IBM solutions (the unstated competitor being Oracle).  Eric provided writing and social media guidance to the experts as well as substantial editorial revisions.

Teaching and mentoring

At the same time, Eric had gone from giving digital marketing advice over beers to friends with their own startups to building a class that teaches entrepreneurs how to use content marketing to attract new customers.  This class was called Digital Marketing for Everyone (ericmorrow.com/digital-marketing-for-everyone/) and has now been offered in coworking spaces, incubators, small business organizations and universities in New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin. (ie: generalassemb.ly, 3rdward.com, republikken.net, escpeurope.eu, cbs.dk/en/, catchafire.org, mutinerie.org, parisincubateurs.com).

While in Europe, Eric became a mentor at Le Camping (lecamping.org), one of Paris’s most well-regarded startup accelerators.  There he helped startups put the theories of digital marketing, customer acquisition, lean startup and analytics into practice.

Eric has also worked with municipal small business organizations to work directly with local businesses.  Rather than focusing on the startup space, these events allow “main street” businesses to learn the digital tools that will make them more successful in their communities.


Innovation is a team sport, particularly at large organization. Eric has taught “Start Making”, a one-day, corporate education workshop, for the past two years with General Assembly. The course is constantly iterated and developed on using the same methodology the course teaches. At the heart, innovation as a repeatable and scalable process includes generating ideas based on user needs, testing hypotheses with experiential prototypes, and evaluating learnings. The enterprise that wants to scale this kind of entrepreneurial thinking should focus on first creating small pockets of excellence with people who buy in to the methodology.