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The pre-commitment mechanism for accountability in Lean Startup

Pre-commitment means deciding ahead of time what you’ll do if the results of a lean experiment turn out one-way or the other. It was one of the most effective tools I used this summer to move five startup teams from ideas to revenue in ten weeks.

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Getting groovy with “Lean Startup”

Last week I taught a class on Lean Startup at Republikken.  In this post I’m going to introduce the two tools I think you need to get started with Lean Startup. The two most important Lean Startup tools – MVPs

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Getting started with Lean Startup at Le Camping

I started mentoring a business called CoursAvenue (previously LeBonCours) at Le Camping.  Their goal is to make it easier to find local, well-reviewed classes on anything from yoga to dance to cooking.  I think of it as Yelp that can deep

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Evaluating applications to Le Camping accelerator using Lean Startup methodology

I’ve been reading a lot about lean startup lately, getting ready to teach classes at ESCP – Paris Factory and Republikken in April. I’ve also been reviewing startup applications for the next season of Le Camping, here in Paris.  I want

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Want instant usability feedback? Try a commando test

Usability testing is when programmers have normal people like you and me test out their software to see if it works.  Traditional usability testing tends to require outside people finding services and can be expensive, inefficient and time consuming.  This

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