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TractionTank is the early-stage startup accelerator I founded with experienced entrepreneur, accelerator manager and startup mentor Kraettli L. Epperson. We were both frustrated by what we saw as a major gap in the early-stage startup marketplace.

While there are many excellent startup accelerators, and an increasing number finding niches and getting amazing results, we felt that too many promising startups were still falling through the cracks. They were not being served because they were not in a “hot” space or because they did not have the support or expertise to test and adjust their business plan to get market traction.

And, of course, many promising startups could not participate in top-tier, on-site accelerators, mostly concentrated in a few major cities, because their founders could not launch their venture full-time and take up residence in an office far from home and maybe in another country.

TractionTank takes a different approach to acceleration by embracing the reality that in today’s market, investors primarily care about traction. They don’t care about the product. Everybody claims to have the best product, but in the end, only a few products actually hit it big. They don’t care about location of the startup in a borderless, fluid, online world. And while talent is critical, the proof is in the pudding! What they care about is actual evidence of market interest, so that is what we deliver.

It is an old adage that “Sales fixes all problems” in a startup, and we believe that establishing market traction is the gateway to success for every startup, whether that is achieved early or late in the life of the company. So we choose to do it early, and to thereby open all the doors to the startups that are successful in our program.

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